About Rob Venables

Rob is a South African born software developer and president of Upkoi, a machine learning company: "I’m mostly self-taught and don’t have a traditional art background. I’ve created over fifty small services, websites, and products from scratch over the past twenty years and through that process (and repeated failures) have developed a skillset around software development, design and data science. My typical workday is split helping a mix of non-profit and for-profit companies take advantage of cutting edge technologies. I strongly believe machine learn- ing and augmented reality will play essential roles in our future and I reinvest a large portion of my free time in those areas. Barring an unexpected divergence - such as a Neo-Luddite revolution - I
also believe machines will powerfully augment and then eventually overtake humans in most areas, including creating art that humans appreciate. Although we might go through several more AI winters along the way. Machine learning is the most interesting field I can imagine and I’m excited to see what the future holds. "